Welcome to the Frenchy Farm.  Allow us to introduce ourselves.  Our Frenchy obsession began in 2006 with the purchase of our first French Bulldog, Emma Bentley.   We are located in Venice, FL and have been raising and breeding French Bulldogs for 9 yrs now.  We, simply stated, are FULL service breeders of quality French Bulldogs.   Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and are raised underfoot as members of our family.  

Our journey into breeding began when we wanted to adopt our first French bulldog puppy and realized how difficult it was to find a local breeder that had only a few French bulldogs that were raised in home.  Help be a part of the puppy mill solution, adopt from a reputable breeder who limits the number and therefore maximizes the care of their own pets.

French Bulldogs are the wave of the future.  Their registration statistics from AKC have jumped higher than any other breed since 2000!  French bulldogs rank in the top 5 most popular dogs in the following cities - San Francisco, Los Angelos, Washington DC, New York City and Miami!!  We call this the French Bulldog Revolution!  If you would like to join the ranks of the those who have had their hearts taken over by one of these beautiful canines, we would be delighted to help match you with the perfect French Bulldog pup.  

Our French bulldogs are all AKC registered and have very impressive pedigrees.  We have many Frenchyfarm families that have adopted our puppies and also serve as reference for us. Please inquire if you would like to contact one of them. 

Venice, FL
(941) 587-4689